Black Tourmaline Pendant

It is an extremely powerful stone as a result of its unique protective powers.

Protects and safeguards the person against negative energies by protecting the aura.

Provides protection against witchcraft.

It is highly recommended for people who feel that the energies in their surroundings affect them in an extreme manner.

Black tourmaline raises the level of the person’s vitality and strengthens the body.  It can treat cases of dyslexia.

Helps ground and stabilize  root chakra. 

This is a highly protective tool for therapists who come into contact with harmful energies of their clients/patients or work in places where the percentage of mentally sick or injured people is high.



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The texture, marks & cuts visible on the crystal show that it is authentic and not fake and hence will not be accepted as reasons for exchange, returns or refunds. 

Black Tourmaline Pendant