Prehnite Bracelet

If you are interested in divination, Green Prehnite is a stone that you absolutely must pursue.

It is the perfect stone to enhance intuition.

With prehnite, you will be trusted, and become a source of authority.

You will gain a lot of power and remember things that other people will forget.

For those of you who are diviners, prehnite is the perfect surface for scrying.

It will be most useful in divination that requires you to “read” other people.

Since it is most attuned to the third eye chakra, the best way to wear it is as close as possible to that chakra.

When worn close to the body, it means that you are also opening yourself up to giving and receiving unconditional love.

Wear a Prehnite bracelet if you’re feeling worried or restless and want to ease up on the stress.

You can also wear it during meditation, dream work, visualization, and Astral travel.

Wear a Prehnite bracelet when you want to feel more confident, centered, and youthful.

Prehnite bracelets can strengthen the vitality of the kidneys and improve the skin and muscle tone.

They can also help your body get better after suffering an injury or undergoing surgery.

It will fill you with calm, peace, and inspiration.

People will be drawn to you, and impressed by your intelligence, foreshadowing fantastic success in your future.




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Prehnite Bracelet

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