A Typical Dowsing Session Would Include

Accurate answers and solutions to your questions regarding: 


  •  Yes and No answers to basic questions

  • Specific health problems which are undiagnosed even by doctors

  • Health problems which will occur in the future

  • Deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body

  • The appropriate treatment / therapy to be taken to cure the health problem

  • Harmful wavelengths existing in house / plot and its effect on a person

  • Chakras of the body which are not functioning

  • Areas of geopathic stress in your house (with the help of your house plan)

  • The directions in your house where there is a Vastu defect

  • Finding out the main door vibrations

  • Favourable and unfavourable colours

  • Type of business

  • How to pick a favourable house

  • Which career stream to take

  • Plot vibrations

  • Divine spiritual and earth energy 

  • Known and unknown fears of a person

  • Actual reasons for a persons death

  • To do a background check on prospective brides / grooms and their families

  • Can also find out if a partner is cheating on you

  • Whether there are any human troubles in a house (eg. mental illness, negative vibrations, unnatural death, fertility problems)

  • Can also find out invisible problems in the house (eg. black magic from Tantriks, unsatisfied spirit, possessed by daemon / ghost )

  • Correct decisions to be taken in your life (eg. whether one should take up a job or start a business)

  • To identify the friend or family member creating problems in your life

  • Negative factors about a person

  • The correct gem / precious stone to be worn by a person

  • Identifying the quality of the stone worn by a person

  • Right career to be taken by a person




Pendulum Dowsing session: Rs 1000/- per hour


For clients who cannot come personally (outstation and international clients) :

Indian Rupees 2500/- 


Consultation report will be sent by email.


No cash or cheque will be accepted. 

Payment to be made only through Net banking or Google Pay on 8451011148.