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Aventurine is a stone of good luck, of hope. 

It protects against negative energy, against “energy vampires”. 

It stimulates the mental capabilities, perception, creativity, independence, leadership, motivation, courage, decision, imagination and independence. 

It confers balance, peace, inspiration, energy, prosperity, success, luck at gambling and leadership.

It decreases fear, depression, anxiety, indecision  and provides a strong energy shield.  

It helps in taking critical decisions, career changes, finding solutions and alternatives, expressing emotions in times of great personal sorrow.

It is recommended for leaders, advisors. 

It has a powerful healing role. It fortifies the body and is good for the lungs, heart, urogenital tract, eyes, skin, eyes, muscles, blood circulation. 

It induces sleep, reduces fever, inflammation, headaches, stress and blood pressure. It improves eyesight, detoxifies the body (from medicine, alcohol, drugs etc). Put in the bathtub, it is said to have healing powers. 

Aventurine soothes the nervous system and helps treat heart ailments and problems in the lungs, genitals and muscles. 

Aventurine is considered to be a stone that increases the “seizing” of financial opportunities. For this reason it is recommended for bankers, business people and stockbrokers.

In addition it is recommended for all those occupation entails a great deal of tension and mental pressure.

Especially beneficial for  people born under the following signs:  Taurus,

Gemini,  Cancer,  Virgo, Libra and Sagitarius.

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