Prosperity & Abundance Pouch

Prosperity pouch.jpg


Contains  six of the most powerful energised crystals that fill your life with Prosperity namely:

Green Aventurine, Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, Pyrite and Clear Quartz

GREEN AVENTURINE of the best money crystals to manifest wealth.  It is the stone of opportunity opening doors to new ventures.  It has a winning energy boosting one's chances in any situation. is an excellent stone of manifestation, creating abundace in one's life. Excellent for those working towards a promotion.

CITRINE.... called the 'money stone' or 'merchant's stone' because of its property of augmenting material prosperity and money.

CARNELIAN....can directly attract abundance for one who needs motivation to put their plans of attracting wealth into practice.

TIGER'S EYE....known as the Abundance stone and is good for those with a business or who wish to amass wealth and keep it. Increases confidence and good fortune. Encourages enthusiasm, happiness and success.

CLEAR QUARTZ.... when it comes to business and success, you  need a clear vision for your goal. This crystal  brings clarity to a situation and also energises the crystals close to it.

Write this affirmation on a slip of paper with a red pen " I attract and gratefully receive prosperity, abundace and success in my life" and place it in your Prosperity Pouch.


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