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Rose Quartz is an excellent stone for arousing self love. It arouses love in all the layers. 

It opens the heart chakra, dispels negative emotions of resentment and hatred and soothes the emotions. It cleanses the heart chakra, balances it and links it to universal love. 

It is very effective after emotional crises. It inspires a feeling of harmony, tranquillity and gentleness and is wonderful for improving relationships.

It gets rids of anxieties and tensions. 

It stimulates the imagination and inspiration. It is an excellent stone for treating all emotional problems.

For those who carry love in their hearts, rose quartz reinforces those emotions and makes them permanent.  At times of separation, divorce, emotional crises, the stone consoles the person, cheers him up and gets through the crises. 

It is also very helpful for those people who find it difficult to show feelings of love or are afraid to fall in love because of some past hurt or not having been given love in their childhood.  

Rose Quartz is used for cleansing the body’s cells, for treating the adrenal glands, the kidneys, the heart and lung problems.   It affects the removal of obsession and psychosis, harmonises vital energy and reduces cardiac diseases especially heart arrhythmia.

Its elixir is used for treating the skin and promoting its beauty.


Rose Quartz is recommended for beauty consultant and salespeople.

Besides symbolising beauty and being suitable for people in this profession, it also enhances the self-image and facilitates access to the customer. 

For attracting love, place a Rose Quartz crystal under your pillow to draw your perfect partner into your life and keep you looking super-radiant and youthful. 

Display a few of the rose quartz in each room to promote a loving romantic atmosphere.  

It is ruled by the planet Venus and is best for Astrological Sign Taurus and Libra. 

It is an ideal stone for the bedroom. Fills people with love and happiness. 

Recommended for the following signs:  Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra.

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